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About IP dialer(IP call)

Do you want all of your cellphone users use your VOIP service?
Do you want to offer the most convenient way for users to enjoy your services?
If your answer is yes, 3G-SIM IP CALL is your best choice.

3G-SIM IP CALL is a simple VoIP solution for cellphones. It's of the best product Designed for both VoIP Service Providers and End users. VoIP providers can promote their service to best effect and at lower costs, while the cellphone users will enjoy the cheapest mobile charges with this convenient tooling!!!            

For end users:

No need to dial a long access number or the destination number any more, our IP SIM dialer will do this for you. Every time you call out from the phonebook or call history, 3G-SIM IP sim dialer will modify your calling go through IP system, thus you can save up lots of money.                         

For VoIP providers:

VoIP providers can pre-configure all necessary dialing parameters into the IP dialer, so mobile users will not need to setup anything, simply Plug & Play. We provide customize service, including laser LOGO, OEM or neutral packing, company name display on stand-by screen and menu, pre-set IP access number, password, dial mode, etc. And even reset the IP dialer datas by SMS.

How to assemble the IP CALL/Dialer?↓


1. Free-cut IP CALL is slim enough to insert into any card slot together with GSM SIM card.
2. All been tested. Compatible with all SIM cards and mainstream mobile phones.
3. As many as 11 modes for your choices. Included Call through, call back and call direct.
4. At least 3 access numbers available.
5. Dial with the way you used to. You could dial from your contacts or the dialing logs.
6. Totally compatible with your cellphone.

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  Description: Latest Release Time: 2009/10/11
Source Format: PDF
Oringal: Guangzhou • China
Language: English
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