Configure IP dialer on PC with USB SIM Reader

For traditional IP dialer, you can only configure it on cellphone, if there are 10pcs of SIM dialer,you will have to do the same thing in your cellphone 10 times.

Now our updated function may help you, to configure them on PC simply with a USB reader. You will enjoy it.   

How to Configure IP Dialer on PC?
1. Prepare SIM card reader, SIM card and IP Dialer, download IP Dialer software. IP CALL software support SIM card reader with device only.

 2. Put SIM card and IP Dialer together, insert into SIM card reader as the above pictures


3. Set speed of SIM card reader as 7.2MHz (right side).See picture ③.


4.Choose your own selection and then click Write to IP Call. Computer will write data automatically.
5. If you have pull out SIM card reader, please click Reset before you write again.

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